Web Application Security Assessement
Esecurity Audit specializes in web application penetration techniques and practices, identifying areas for improvement. At Esecurity Audit Labs we specialize in manual assessments that go beyond basic automated tests to identify real attack vectors that can be used against your application.
Key Benefits
  • Extensive assessment
  • Timely delivery
  • Prevent organization reputation loss
  • Prevent information disclosure
  • Ongoing support
  • Ensuring Business continuity
  • Boosting client confidence
Our Approach towards Web Application Security Assessement Implementation

PHASE I -Pre-engagement Actions

This phase generally includes defining the scope to outline what to be tested.When both parties reach in acceptable engagement,expectation will move to next phase..

PHASE II -Reconnaissance

As with malicious hackers, each penetration test begins with information gathering,collecting, parsing, and correlating information on the target is the key to identifying vulnerabilities.

PHASE III -Vulnerability Detection

Once the target has been fully enumerated, Esecurity Audit Labs uses both web application scanning tools and manual analysis to identify security flaws.

PHASE IV -Attack and Post Exploitation

At this stage of the assessment, our consultants review all previous data to identify and safely exploit identified application vulnerabilities. Once sensitive access has been obtained, the focus turns to escalation and movement to identify technical risk and total business impact. Based on the vulnerabilities identified, we will perform an application risk rating based on exploitation likelihood and potential impact.During each phase of the compromise, we keep client stakeholders informed of testing progress, ensuring asset safety and stability.

PHASE V -Assessment Reporting

Once the engagement is complete, Esecurity Audit Labs delivers a detailed analysis and threat report, including remediation steps. Our consultants set an industry standard for clear and concise reports, prioritizing the highest risk vulnerabilities first.
The assessment includes the following:
1-Executive Summary
2-Strategic Strengths and Weaknesses
3-Identified Vulnerabilities and Risk Ratings
4-Vulnerability mapping to OWASP top 10
5-Detailed Risk Remediation Steps
6-Assets and Data Compromised During Assessment

PHASE VI -Remediation and retesting

As an optional addition to the standard assessment, Esecurity Audit provides remediation retesting for all vulnerabilities listed in the report. At the conclusion of the remediation testing and request of the client, Esecurity Audit will update the report with a new risk level determination and mark which vulnerabilities in the report were in fact remediated to warrant a new risk level.

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