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Quality Assurance Consulting :

Quality Assurance is an essential component of any technology oriented organization. However, it is also one of the most difficult areas to implement effectively. Esecurity Audit Quality Assurance Consulting helps initiating proper corrective and preventive actions, monitors risks effectively, and enhances the overall confidence of delivering quality across the organization.

Deliver services and products better, faster and cheaper, by institutionalizing best quality assurance practices.

Quality is an essential component of any technology oriented organization. It is also one of the most difficult areas to implement effectively. Often team members lack formal training in quality assurance principals, methods and techniques in areas such as peer reviews/inspections and quality metrics. Executed properly, the quality assurance function can ensure significantly higher level of confidence in organizational ability to control and deliver better, cheaper and faster services and products.

Esecurity Audit Quality Assurance Consulting helps monitor risks effectively throughout the project lifecycle, initiates corrective and preventive actions and enhances the overall confidence of delivering quality products/services across the organization.

What distinguishes Esecurity Audit from the rest?

  • Esecurity Audit (Pvt.) Limited is the pioneer in providing quality and process improvement services to IT/software and IT enabled services sectors in India.
  • Our quality consulting services emerge from very strong process improvement background as we are the only consulting firm in India to offer suite of international process models including Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI - CMMI®), ISO27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS), Six Sigma and Contact Operations Performance Center (COPCSM).
  • The consulting team at Esecurity Audit has excellent hands-on experience of handling premier projects and customers.
  • Esecurity Audit has strong business alliances with international leaders in quality consulting and certifications, including TUV.

Institutionalizing Quality with Esecurity Audit

Esecurity Audit helps developing quality assurance charter and organization, define processes, procedures, and checklists, and develop relevant training and orientation programs. Esecurity Audit also offers process mentoring and implementation support for institutionalizing the defined quality processes. We focus on developing a quality friendly environment that supports continuous quality improvement.

  • Study of Existing Processes, Procedures & Practices: We start with thorough study of existing processes, procedures and practices. This is an essential step to understand organizational culture and attitude towards quality. It also helps in the second step, i.e., developing and planning the implementation framework.
  • Developing and Planning Implementation Framework: Based on the study of processes and practices, our consultants develop and plan customized quality improvement framework.
  • Introducing Quality & Process Improvements: Esecurity Audit provides higher level of support to implement the required quality assurance practices based on the agreed scope. We start with a focused training program for quality assurance teams on best practices, processes and procedures. We also address risk management, issue management and change management practices while promoting uniform understanding of the processes.

    The next step is developing or enhancing the organization’s quality charter, processes, procedures, policies, and other work-templates. We also assist practitioners in quality planning, quality goal setting and lifecycle model selection.

    During implementation, we facilitate in conducting formal reviews and inspections, causal analysis of defects and ensure project adherence to the defined processes through usage of standard templates and checklists.
  • Consolidating results for continuous improvement: We act as a change agent who fosters an environment to support continuous learning through sharing of knowledge and best practices. We help practitioners in consolidating and analyzing the process change requests across the project teams and provide necessary triggers for continuous process enhancements


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