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Metrics Consulting :

Setting up a measurement framework requires expertise in identifying the right data to be collected at the right frequency. Esecurity Audit Metrics Consulting brings you a measurement system aligned to the business and differing needs of varying stakeholders is defined. Esecurity Audit helps in identifying and removing process bottlenecks, resulting into significantly improved organizational performance and profitability.

Recognize your productivity, develop realistic estimations, make objective decisions, and improve continuously.

"You cannot manage what you cannot measure"

The success of any organization is dependent on being able to make predictions and commitments relative to the product it produces or services it provides.

Effective measurement processes help IT teams succeed by enabling them to understand their capabilities, so that they can develop achievable plans for producing and delivering products and services.

Measurements also enable individuals to detect trends and to anticipate problems, thus providing better control of costs, reducing risks, improving quality, and ensuring that business objectives are achieved.

What distinguishes Esecurity Audit from the rest?

  • Esecurity Audit (Pvt.) Limited is the pioneer in providing process improvement and information security services to IT/software and ITES-BPO sectors in India.
  • Our Metrics Consulting services emerge from very strong process improvement background as we are the only consulting firm in India to offer suite of international process models including Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI - CMMI®), ISO27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS), Six Sigma and Customer Operations Performance Center (COPCSM).
  • Esecurity Audit consultants have experience of developing effective metrics programs at premier IT organizations.
  • Esecurity Audit has strong business alliances with international leaders in quality consulting and certifications, including Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) and Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).

Our Metrics Consulting Approach

  • Plan: Esecurity Audit consultants start with acquiring an in-depth understanding of the key focus areas within the organization. The consultants understand the organizational goals, structures and roles & responsibilities, and use their expertise to identify the leading and lagging indicators. This ensures that the measurement system designed gives early warning to the management and helps evaluate the long- term performance. The consultants define the data collection mechanism, metrics dashboards and the benchmarking guidelines for effective interpretation of all metrics.
  • Do: This is the most challenging area where Esecurity Audit consultants implement the planned measurement system. They help in collecting and refining data and establishing metrics baselines.
  • Check: Based on the collected data, the consultants analyze and draw inferences. They use Six Sigma tools extensively for data analysis and build a prediction model around the measurement system.
  • Act: Once the measurement program matures, Esecurity Audit consultants develop frameworks for continual improvements. They also help in automation to reduce the cost of data collection and analysis, and also benchmark organizational performance.


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