Today's Business Challenges

Achieving Operational Excellence :

The Challenge

In the world of tough cut-throat competition, organizations cannot afford to loose valuable time and money on defects, cost overruns and other such problems. In order for an organization to grow and be a market leader, they must achieve Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence is defined as consistently providing the highest quality service to our customers at the lowest cost possible while achieving above average returns.

What is the Solution?

Whether it be a service-oriented organization or product-oriented, operational excellence is what differs them from their competitors. Organizations achieve improved profitability, waste and cost reductions, value adding processes and systems, enhanced management and leadership, knowledge and skills enhancement, more effective communication and team working, reductions in quality defects, improved customer satisfaction and retention and increased sales.

Achieving Operational Excellence with Esecurity Audit :

Esecurity Audit (Pvt.) Ltd provides helps organizations achieve operational excellence by providing support in implementing SEI - CMMI, Six Sigma and COPC standards. Also we provide support for implementation of a metrics program within your organization to support quantitative decision making and keeping a close eye on daily activities.

If you are a software development organization, and wants to achieve operational excellence, following information is for you:

If you are a IT enabled service provider, you can achieve operational excellence thru following frameworks:

We regularly hold performance optimizing training programs. Many organizations have benefited and are moving towards continual improvement. Please visit our Education and Training program for further details.

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